Elevating User Experience: The Vital Role of Interaction in Next Paint (INP)

For business owners striving to boost their online presence, comprehending this data is crucial to guarantee visibility on search engines for potential customers. Beginning in March 2024, Google will prioritize a metric known as Next Paint. At Shop Dog Marketing, our goal is to provide you with comprehensive insights,

Mastering Auto Shop Marketing: Uncover Strategies with Shop Dog Marketing

Luckily, we’re here to help you through all those challenges. We provide expert advice to walk you through fundamental marketing skills, enabling you to devise a personalized plan that works for your business. As experts in the field, we recognize that building your business online isn’t an easy feat.

What Can You Learn from Your Reviews

The reviews on Yelp and Google have a significant impact on the way your business is perceived. Your reviews reflect your brand and can sway people more than you think.

Why Choose a Marketing Agency for Your Auto Business

Think of your auto repair shop as a sleek luxury vehicle – well-crafted, attention-grabbing, and running smoothly. Now, think about your local and online presence – is it as finely tuned as the cars in your garage? If not, it’s time for a marketing tune-up. Let’s talk about why bringing in a marketing agency is […]

How to Position Yourself Against Regional / National Franchises

Running a business is hard. The constant anxiety of doing everything correctly, and the fear of failure can really inhibit you from feeling the excitement and drive you had from starting the business in the first place. Especially when you realize the amount of competition that there is in your market space.