Why TikTok and YouTube are the Top Used Search Engines

Why TikTok and YouTube are the top used Search Engines

The consistent thing about the internet is that it is always changing. It can feel like a challenge to keep up with the current trends, and that’s why we’re here to provide helpful information so you can know how to utilize the changes for the benefit of your business. One of the biggest changes we’ve seen in the last few years is how TikTok and YouTube have become the new search engines. We’ll discuss why this change happened and what it means for you and your Auto Shop.

The Evolution of Search:

Beyond Words On the Screen

One of the main reasons why TikTok and YouTube have emerged as superior over places like Google is simple: The visuals. Video content is much more eye-catching and fast-paced than text or images on a screen. It’s easier to consume more information when it’s in a video because most people want to see things visually. As a business owner, if you don’t have video content on your socials or website, now is the time to start.  

Why TikTok and YouTube are the top used Search Engines

TikTok: Information Given at Lightning Speed

So Why is TikTok so popular,  especially with the younger generation, not just as a tool for entertainment but a resource for information? The answer is simply that the content is short: TikTok’s videos are never over 90 seconds. Many of us have a short attention span, made worse by the internet, this makes TikTok the ideal place to get a quick answer in a matter of seconds. It has never been easier to consume information.

The algorithm is another advantage for users. TikTok has an impressive and effective algorithm, that allows users to consume even more information without ever having to search for it. 

How does this apply to you? Take the initiative and create a TikTok account for your shop where you can share informative videos about car maintenance. Or you could jump on trends and try other ways to stay relevant on TikTok. It can be intimidating to start a new social media, but the payoff is worth it! 

YouTube: In-Depth Exploration and Tutorial Paradise

Although YouTube can have short videos like TikTok Does, YouTube is known for being much more thorough and having longer videos. If you’re looking for in-depth tutorials, how-to, etc,  then YouTube is the place to go. YouTube stands out from its competition by accommodating deep dives on so many different types of topics. 

If you want to learn anything new, YouTube offers vast information to those who need it. From educational videos to quality entertainment, you’ll never run out of options and answers.

If you don’t have a YouTube account for your AutoShop, and have educational videos to offer then now’s a great time to start. This can help get your business out there and send the right kind of customers your way!

The Social Media Community

When you watch videos on TikTok and Instagram, it can feel as if you’re watching a video from a friend. Regardless of whether they are experts or not, it feels authentic. One of the main reasons for this is online engagement. It feels like a community where you can comment, like, share, and reach out to people who often have the same opinions you do. Be a part of the conversation, and reach out to other creators to potentially collaborate or network! Take the time to see if you could benefit from a collaborative effort on social media with a well-regarded peer.

Seo and Video

SEO Beyond Google: Optimizing for Video Searches

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t just for blog posts and websites, it includes videos and captions. You can add keyword hashtags to your caption or mention them in your video. In addition, you also want to have trending thumbnails and stay up to date with the latest trends. 

If this feels too difficult, know that you don’t need to do every single trend, consistency is more important. If you’re consistent, (this means different things for everyone, it could mean once a week or three times a week),  it maintains your visibility and helps you to stay relevant.

We hope this article helps you to see how TikTok and YouTube have evolved as the main search engine for the younger generations. It can be hard to change marketing tactics, but with this knowledge, you can implement new skills that make a difference in your business. If you need more help creating content and learning how to market with social media,  don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information. 

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